What is a Satellite Poker Tournament?

In this mini Poker Article I will try to explain what is a Satellite Poker Tournament!!!

A satellite poker tournament is a low buy-in poker tournament that awards the winner(s) an entry to a higher buy-in poker tournament.
A satellite tournament may consist of one poker table or many.

So we can say that a a Satellite Poker Tournament is a multi-tiered approach to winning major poker tournaments.

For example, in Odds Poker you can have 100 players might enter a $2 Satellite, with the total prize pool of $200.

Based on this prize pool, winners will be paid out with Satellite coupons to a higher buy-in poker tournament.

These coupons could be $10, $50 or even one $200 coupon, which would in turn be used to enter a higher level of Online Poker Satellites, one step closer to the poker grand final.

So as you can see there isn’t much secrets in what satellites poker tournaments are, what you must retain is that normally this is could be your ticket to big poker prizes, with little investment….

Cheers and happy poker online!

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