Texas Holdem Royal Flush Bonus

So last weekend, while doing a pause on my weekend online poker session, I went to take a peak on the promotions for Odds Poker

And I got a very nice suprise… Well I notice the Royal Flush Bonus!!!

Yeah, I know getting a royal flush is hard… but it’s nice to know that there is a super bonus if you get that magical combination, a Royal Flush!

So this only happens if you are playing the famous Texas Holdem ring games…

This bonus is quite simple and straight forward…
You just need to score a Royal Flush with your pocket cards on any real-money Texas Holdem ring game…

Simple no??? Now the bonus part!
So you get a Royal Flush and win the poker hand… but wait you also receive a bonus of 100x THE BIG BLIND!

Sounds tempting no?? 🙂
This is what I wanted to share today…
So good luck and best of luck towards those Royal Flushes

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