Spice Up Your Poker Game!

Eheheh… What happens when you get a hot babe doing a strip for you???

She teases the hell out of you….
She try to tease you until you are “brainless”…. 😀

So what does this have to do with POKER?!

Well, imagine what could happen if you could tease your opponents?

No, I’m not talking about having a webcam and being dressed with lingerie… lol…no no no no….

I’m talking about the possibility of tease your opponents by showing one of your cards of your poker hand

So whether your laying down your hand to a big bet, or if no one called your bet, if you really want to keep your poker opponents on their toes, you can use the Poker Room ‘Expose One Card’ feature.

So you can show either both your cards, or just one card.

For example, say you had top pair but a weak kicker and you couldn’t call a big bet you might show your high card to prove you weren’t on a complete bluff.

Conversely you might show your low card, to appear as if you were on a complete bluff.

Either way showing only one card generally leaves your opponent asking more questions for which you gave answers with the card that you did show.

I think this is a cool poker feature, and it’s available at Odds Poker

Enjoy and happy poker time! 😀

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