Poker Tournament Strategy – Beware The Bluster

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Beware The Bluster

When you first start playing poker it’s usually in a home-game setting where you can make mistakes with only your friends around to see.
Or you play online and never see the players that you’re playing against.

It doesn’t matter so much that you’re inexperienced because you don’t have to sit there embarrassed when you make a mistake or played a hand terribly.
But in live poker tournaments things are diferent. You can see your opponents, and often those opponents display habits that can be intimidating.
If you’re familiar with these behaviors before you play your first tournament, you’ll feel more at ease and everyone else won’t seem more experienced than you.

For some reason many players like to hone their chip-trick skills. They practive shuffling and flipping chips so it looks like they’re professional player that’s been playing for decades.
Most of these players don’t have anything special about their game, they just thought that chip tricks were cool and they dedicated some time to getting good at them.

Another common factor that many new players find intimidating at their first live poker tournament is the dealers.
Many dealers will use poker lingo that you may not have heard before.
To question what they said would make you look like a real rookie, and it’s not something you want to do in front of the entire table.
If you don’t know what the dealer means, just discreetly ask one of the players sitting next to you as if you didn’t hear the dealer. At worst, only they will know that your’re a rookie.

The most common intimidation factor you’ll encounter at the table is an opponent who is playing very aggressively.
This player seems like they raise everyone almost every time it’s their turn to act.
These players are willing to put the pressure on you, and you’ll have to eventually stand up to them.
Just wait until the river to raise them back, and you’ll get as much as possible from them.

When you enter a live poker tournament you need to be thinking about intimidating you opponents, not being intimidated by them.
You need to concentrate on not giving away any tells as you play.
Play without emotions and don’t be afraid to make a bet or raise when it looks like you opponents may be weak.
If you’re scared you’ll neve play well, you’ll only get pushed around until you make a mistake that knocks you out of the tournament.

You have to belive that even if you’re a novice, luck can play a big enough role in the poker tournament to provide you with some success.
Winning players belive that they can win, even if they’re new to poker and have a lot to learn.

by Dean Stone

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