Poker Shootout Tournaments

Been a while, well mostly because I’ve been busy…

But here I am again with something to say about those famous Poker Shootout Tournaments.

In a traditional poker tournament, tables will be balanced and remain full throughout the entire duration of the tournament.

This means over time, players will be moved and tables split to ensure every table is as full as possible at all times.

Play is continuous until the winner is determined!

This is the classic way of playing a poker tournament

Now what’s so different from the classic tournaments to a Shootout Tournament, you must be wondering???

Shootout tournaments, differ greatly in structure and play style.

So, Shootouts consist of several rounds of single-table tournaments, with winners from each individual table progressing on to the second round.

Let’s bring a simple example to get the picture of how all this works…

Imagine a Shootout tournament with 100 entrants.

Ten tables with ten players each will begin the poker tournament for round one.

A certain number of players from each table will progress to round two, and this will change depending on the tournament

In this example, the top three players from each table will advance, meaning a total of 30 players remain.

Round two will begin with three tables of ten, and again the top three players of each table will progress to the next round, with nine players battling it out at the final table!

Has you can see the Shootout tournaments are exciting events with a constant structure and several rounds.

Of course these tournaments need some poker skills to continue through each round successfully…

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