Online Poker Dealing With Superstitions

Superstitions – There Are Bigger Faults

I don’t believe in the traditional superstitions, but there are a couple that I still honor.

Like most Poker players, I don’t like to be paid in $50 bills. But there’s also a reason for that. It’s easy to mistake a $50 bill for a $5 bill. And I don’t eat peanuts at a card table. There’s no reason in the world eating peanuts should affect the outcome of the game, but it doesn’t cost me anything to observe the taboo against it, so I observe it.

That’s a jellyroll, too. And … there are bigger faults a player can have.
When I lose a pot, I sometimes get up and walk around the chair.
Some Poker players do that to change their luck. I do it just to cool off.

Nor do I like to see women at a Poker table. That’s not superstition, either.
I was brought up to respect women, and I just don’t feel comfortable in high stakes warfare against women.

I’ve never met a woman who was a really top player. Maybe that’s because there aren’t a lot of women players. I have, however, seen some who were pretty good, even by Professional standards.

I doubt that any of my children will decide to play professionally.
It can be a very good life, and it has been for me, but my children haven’t come from the background that produces good Poker players. You try to make life a little easier for your kids than it was for you (and rightfully so), but the other side of that coin is that they’re not forced to be so competitive when they’re young, and are unlikely to develop the instinct it takes to be a good player.

Online Poker Dealing With Superstitions

Online Poker Dealing With Superstitions

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