Odds Poker $100,000 Freeroll Tournament

The $100,000 Freeroll

1st place = $20,000 in cold hard cash.

Cost of tournament buy in = $0 (it’s absolutely free to enter)

Starting April 15th we are going to have a new and improved Guaranteed Tournament schedule with more than double the value previously offered, as well as a whole lot more action at the cash game tables.

To celebrate we’re going to give away $100,000 through a very special private tournament featuring a $0 buy-in. The winner of this tournament will take home $20,000.

Everything you need to know is below. You will also be able to find this information in your Player Admin from the 15th of April and be able to follow your progress via our real-time point trackers.

How do I win a seat into this $100,000 Freeroll?

There is NO Direct entry into the $100,000 Main Event that’s set to take place on Sunday, May 30th at 14:00 (game server time in the poker lobby).

Players MUST win their seat into this special freeroll through one of the following FOUR methods:

  1. Freeroll Qualifiers

    Starting April 15th and running through to May 28th inclusive, we’ll be running five (5) daily qualifying tournaments.

    Each tourney will be titled, “Step 1 – $100K Freeroll Qualifier” and will be completely FREE to enter.

    Only a select number of players will advance through to Step 2. You can find these tournaments listed under the ‘Special’ Tab in the Tournament Lobby.

    Step 1 – $100K Freeroll Qualifiers:

    Time The Prize
    04:05 Top 25 players advance to $100K Step 2 Qualifier
    09:05 Top 50 players advance to $100K Step 2 Qualifier
    13:05 Top 50 players advance to $100K Step 2 Qualifier
    18:05 Top 75 players advance to $100K Step 2 Qualifier
    23:05 Top 50 players advance to $100K Step 2 Qualifier

    Step 2 – $100K Freeroll Qualifiers:


    Saturday, May 29th at 18:30 (Poker Lobby Time)

    The Prize

    The top 500 players will advance to the $100,000 Freeroll Main Event.

  2. Deposit Bonus Qualifiers

    Simply make a real money deposit between April 15th 00:01 and May 28th 23:59 using the code 100MAYPK and you’ll not only receive a 100% (max $500) bonus*, BUT you’ll also receive a tournament entry coupon for the ‘$100k Depositor Qualifier’ set to take place on Saturday, May 29th at 17:00 (Poker Lobby Time).

    The top 500 players in this tournament will receive a seat into the May 30th $100,000 Freeroll Main Event.

    Online Poker Tournament 100k Freeroll

  3. $100k Player Qualifiers

    Starting April 15th and running right through until May 29th inclusive, any real money player will have exclusive access to our daily ‘$100K Player Qualifiers’.

    With 2,250 seats up for grabs in these ‘$100K Player Qualifiers’, save the frustration of large fields and freeroll donks, and earn your daily seat.

    Daily “$100K Player Qualifiers (Turbo MTT) will start at the times posted below and will award seats as listed:

    Time The Prize
    11:30 Top 10 players advance directly to $100,000 main event
    16:30 Top 25 players advance directly to $100,000 main event
    21:30 Top 15 players advance directly to $100,000 main event

    There are only 2 ways to get into one of these ‘$100K Player Qualifiers’:

    1. Earn 150 VIP points in the previous day and the current day up until the time you attempt to register for the tournament.

      For example if you want t register for the 11:30 tournament at 11:00 you need to earn the 150 VIP points in the 24 hours of the previous day plus the 11 hours of the current day combined, giving you a total of 35 hours to earn the points.

    2. Buy-in: 500 VIP Points

      Seats in these $100k Player Qualifiers will be limited so register early.

      You may register for all 3 tournaments in a day so long as you have met the qualification requirement.

  4. Earn 45,000 VIP Points

    If you’re able to earn 45,000 VIP points between 12:01am April 15th and 11:59pm May 29th you’ll receive a seat directly into the $100,000 Freeroll Main Event.

    Simply click the register button once you reach the target. Avoid the lines. Avoid the crowds. Start earning today!

The Odds Poker $100,000 Freeroll

The $100,000 main event will take place on Sunday, May 30th at 14:00 (Poker Lobby Time) and will award $100,000 cash total, with $20,000 being awarded to the winner.

Players are only eligible to win 1 seat into the $100,000 Freeroll final.

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