Loose Vs Tight Poker Play

Know the differences of a Loose and Tight Poker Player

A definition of loose or tight play in Texas Hold’em is like describing what a beautiful lady looks like.

Namely, the explanation is in the eye of the beholder.

A general rule would be:

A tight player starts the hand with a high pair or with A-K.

A loose player would start the hand with low cards or unsuited K-4.

The tight player raises when he feels he has the advantage.

The loose player may raise more often than he should.

He may call too often on the possibility of an inside straight or full house draws.

Typically he plays too many hands which depend on luck to win, rather than play according to what he currently holds.

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Both types of players can hurt you, but the fight player is probably easier to play against.

You can usually identify the tight player from the flop and the betting.

The loose player is not easy to read as he may hold anything at anytime.

It is his unpredictable play which makes him more dangerous in many hands.

He may not flod when bet against, like the tight player would.

The loose player may play for the miracle draw and when he gets it, he puts a bad beat on you.

The tight player will only raise when he thinks he has a sure thing.

This gives you an advantage as you can get cut of the hand or at least nor re-raise.

Loose players have a small edge, when they raise, you don’t know if they have a hand or are just trying to win by betting.

Since their starting hand can be any two cards, an odd flop may fit their hand very well.

This makes playing a big pair against them a more risky proposition than it would be with any tight player.

Loose players are great pot builders, since they are likely to call bets more freely.

In the end we can summarize all this into Play Strong, not weak and above all PLAY SMART!.

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