Huge Bonus Deal Casino

This is a limited time offer bonus deal valid only at Rush More

You can reach to an insane huge bonus cash deal! How!?

Well let me explain you how!

You get the bonus reward in your next three deposits with CASH, CASH and more CASH!

  1. On the 1st deposit you get 100% Match up to $1.000!
  2. On the 2nd deposit you get 150% Match up to $1.500!
  3. On the 3th deposit you get 200% Match up to $2.000!

To get these huge rewards you just have to user the following promo codes…

  1. On the 1st use the following promo code: MEGA1000
  2. On the 2nd use the following promo code: MEGA1500
  3. On the 3th use the following promo code: MEGA2000

Well hope you enjoy these Huge Bonus Deal!

Take care and remember to Rush More!

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