How To Do Poker Table Selection

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The game of poker has changed in many ways over the last few years.

In the past table selection was a simple skill for anyone to learn.

But in online poker, especially Texas Holdem, the game has become increasingly difficult to beat.

This makes table selection even more important than it’s ever been if you want to gain an edge on the competition.

Years ago, good table selection came down to finding action players who were willing to dump chips, and then playing tight style against them until they were cleaned out.

The modern game has so many aggressive players that this strategy no longer works, and a new approach to table selection is required to maximize your changes of winning.

What you are looking for in today’s games are the loose-passive players, otherwise known as calling machines.

These players have little skill and depend on the cards they are dealt to play the game.

They like to play as many hands as they can limp into and rarely display any moves or bluff at pots.

The best way to find these players is to watch for tables that have a high viewed-flop percentage.

More players in the pot means more calling machines playing any two cards in hopes of hitting a flop.

Multi-way hands also give you better pot odds when you have a big draw, and timely position bets will often take down small pots when your limping opponents miss.

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Another Good way to find weak players is to have a time-zone sheet with you.

Lots of players like to come home from the bar and get on their computer to play poker in the wee hours of the morning after a night of partying.

You can track what time it is for any opponent by looking at where an opponent is from, and if the hours match up to 2 am or later, and that player is dumping chips, you will know it is likely because he or she has over-indulged prior to the session.

There are no bigger fish than drunken fish, and trying to find these players will almost always be profitable.

Another type of player that will often be easy to beat is a player with a short stack.

If a new player sits at your table and doesn’t buy-in for the maximum, or they have a stack with change, you know they are likely at the end if their bankroll and have everything with them at that table.

A player at the end of their roll is very likely to take unnecessary changes with their remaining chips to either try to double up, or they will just tilt it off because they have been loosing.

Choosing the right tables to play on will always be one of the most important decisions you will make.

Take the extra time to find a good game to play in, otherwise you give away any edge you could have had on the game.

And remember, just because it’s a juicy game it doesn’t mean you will win every time, but it should increase your overall take in the long run.

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