Get and Grab Your Nuts In Poker

The cards have been dealt and the flop has just been turned over, and incredibly you’ve got the hand possible.
That’s right, you’re holding the nuts and right now nobody can beat you.

Now all you have to do is pry away as many of your opponent’s chips as possible, right?
If only it were that simple.
Listen up. Just because you’ve flopped the nuts doesn’t mean you’re going to be holding the best hand at the table when the turn and river hit the board.

You’ve got to play the hand correctly or instead of taking your opponent’s full stack you could end up with pennies, or watching a big chunk of your stack move across the table.

The only time you’re completely safe when holding the nuts is after the river card has fallen.
Actually, that statement isn’t completely true because if you have four aces on the flop or turn you’re most likely unbeatable, but how often is that going to happen?
Your play when you’ve got the nuts depends on how strong your hand is compared to the rest of the board, how many cards are still to come, and what kind of read you have on your opponent.

You wanna see how holding the nuts doesn’t necessarily mean your hand is that strong?
Take this example. You’ve got pocket kings and the flop shows Ks-10s-8d.
Your three kings are the nuts on that board, but you’ll be in big trouble if someone makes the possible flush draw or hits one of the numerous straight draws on the board.
If you were thinking of slow playing that board, you could end up giving away any chips you could have possibly won with a bet.
If you’re holding the nuts in a situation like this, don’t give away free cards that could cripple your chances of winning the hand.
Make your opponents pay to play.

Show playing can be a great tactic, but very often rookie poker players use it in the wrong situations.
Even if you do this only once or twice in a session, it can be a huge blow to your chip stack.
In a tournament where you start with $1000 in chips just think how different things would end up with a few hundred chips coming out of your stack in two hands, instead of hundreds coming into it.
That’s the effect that a couple of bad decisions can have.

Remember, when you’re holding the nuts it is just the best hand on the current board.
If there are more cards to come on the board,, there is almost always at least one card in the deck that could potentially crack your nuts.
Don’t overvalue your big hand so much that it ends up destroying you and your stack.

Hope you enjoyed and learn something with this poker article, the nuts on poker 🙂

Peace and until next time, happy poker games! Good luck!

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