ESP? Extrasensory Perception In Poker

ESP – It’s a Jellyroll

In the latest articles¬†we dealt scientifically with Tells and with psychology, but sometimes you don’t even know how you know … only that you’re sure of what your opponent has.

I believe some good Poker players actually employ a degree of extrasensory perception (ESP).
While I’ve never studied the subject in depth, it seems to me there’s too much evidence to ignore that ESP exists or that most people have it to some degree.

Everybody has had the experience of riding with someone else in an automobile and thinking of a song, then being surprised to hear his companion start singing that very song.
You can’t imagine how often I’ve called a player’s exact hand to myself and been proven right.
There’s even a plausible, though completely unproven, explanation how a person could know what cards another player is holding.

The brain’s functions involve electrical impulses.
In this electronic age we’re becoming more familiar every day with Appliances which broadcast, purely as an unintentional by product, energy impulses which are picked up on dissimilar appliances at considerable distances.

ESP - Extrasensory Perception In Poker

ESP – Extrasensory Perception In Poker

Is it really too unreasonable to suspect that such a highly sophisticated electrical device as the human brain, during the intensity of concentration in a big pot, could broadcast a simple message like a “pair of Jacks” a mere eight feet? I hope I live to see that question answered, and not merely asked.

I like to think of ESP as a Jellyroll anyway. In the meantime, use all the sophisticated techniques and strategies presented in this book in determining whether or not to call, bet or raise.

But in the rare situations when all your card knowledge and best judgement leave you in doubt, go with your strong feeling … and not against it.

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