Competitive – Great Poker Skill

Be As Competitive As You Can Be

Few people realize how intensely competitive you must be to become a good Poker player.

I couldn’t play Poker just for fun, and I don’t think many of the top Professionals could.

I’ve always played to win, and whenever I could discover any bad habits, I’ve tried to eliminate them just as I would try to eliminate mistakes in a business I might be running.

Use your best game against anybody you play. Many of the top Pros are close friends, but they almost never give each other a break in a game.

Sailor Roberts, for instance, is one of the best friends I’ve ever had. He helped pick me up when I was young and unknown and broke.

But when I play cards with Sailor, I do my level best to cut his throat and he tries to cut mine. It’s been like that from the time we met. In fact, the first time we played he broke me.

In the trade, this characteristic is called Alligator Blood, and it is highly valued and respected. It means you’ll do anything within the rules to win.

You try to have special moves, such as making a slow, hesitant call in place of a fast call, when a man might bet at you again (after the next card is turned up in Hold ’em).

You might set a trap for him by leading him to believe you’re betting a hand which is a slight favorite, when you actually have a hand that’s practically unbeatable.

Competitive - Great Poker Skill

Competitive – Great Poker Skill

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