ATTENTION! ATTENTION! While Playing Poker.

When you are playing poker, either online or live there is a golden, platinum, diamond rule! What is this ultimate rule?

It’s a very simple rule, but hard to master, the rule is:


And belivie me that it will pay you, if you take it seriously…

Concentrate on everything when you’re playing. Watch and listen, remember you have to do both, and relate the two.
You listen to what your opponent says, but you watch what he’s doing independently of what he says because a lot of players talk loose and play tight, and a little later they’ll reverse it on you.
So you look at a man every time he’s involved in a hand.
You judge him every time. That’s the way you get to know him and his moves.

If you aren’t learning what you want to know just by watching and listening, create your own opportunity.
Try to bluff at him the first good opportunity, and see if he’ll call you or not what kind of hand he’ll call with, and what kind he’ll throw away.
Of course, anybody with a lick of sense is trying to keep you from reading him. But you can still figure him because it is very, very difficult for any man to conceal his character.



A man’s true feelings come out in a Poker game

You’ll see smart lawyers playing Poker and giggling and carrying on like school kids.
And a man’s hostilities can boil over after a while, too.
Watch a ballgame with a man when he’s betting a lot of money on it.
You’ll learn what kind of temperament he’s got, how well he can take disappointment.
That’s the way it is with Poker.

If you wanted to use Poker just for a test of character, solely to learn about the men you’ll have to deal with away from the Poker table, it would be a telling test.
As a matter of fact, isn’t that what a lot of Friday night Poker games between business acquaintances are really all about?
Size them up at the Friday night Poker sessions… and then take advantage of them during the next business week.

This brings us to another subtlety of Poker: Not everybody you’re going to play against thinks the way you do.
Almost everybody wants to win, but they expect to win in different ways.

Until next time, stay sharp and play smart poker!

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